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Make life easy with a fully automatic grease trap. Comes with a self-cleaning cycle and captures 98% of fat, oil and grease!

Cutting through grease
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The Big Dipper Big Dipper Strainer (IS) System is a fully-automated engineering system for the separation and removal of FOG (fats, oils and grease) from kitchen wastewater. It uses a digital controller to ensure regular and efficient grease “skimming” as well as self-cleaning, removing 99.5% of FOG.


Compact Space-Efficient Design


User Friendly with Easy Controls


Advanced Odour Protection

Big Dipper Grease Management System

Big Dipper’s total removal of FOG means that there is no requirement for any chemicals, but nevertheless, the latest 51K series unit has advanced odour protection that provides a pleasant working atmosphere. The Big Dipper can manage a maximum flow rate of 7.89 l/s and a grease retention capacity of at least 136kg, it can also skim 18.16kg per hour. The Big Dipper range of units can be sited underneath a grease producing fixture or centrally located within a plant room for complete drainage protection.

You can be confident that your establishment has free-flowing drains and will not incur any costly maintenance. The internal strainer basket catches solids and helps to ensure the main Big Dipper tank can remove grease as efficiently as possible.

The fact that the Big Dipper is also fully automatic and self-cleaning is also a bonus as it helps to reduce the manpower required to manage your establishment’s grease removal. In actual fact, effective maintenance of the Big Dipper unit can be completed in just two minutes a day. The unit also has a 24-hour timer so it can be programmed to suit your food establishment’s requirements.

How Easy is it to Service and Maintain?

Some grease interceptors require operators to hire a pump-truck to vacuum it out every few weeks with specialised equipment.

Others can be cleaned by staff — a job that’s sometimes easy, sometimes not.

Big Dipper Automatic Grease Interceptors can be maintained by your kitchen staff in just 2 minutes per day.

How long will it last?

Many steel and concrete grease interceptors start to corrode within a few years, often failing after five or ten years in service.

Then you’ve got to pay for a new interceptor. Thermaco interceptors use plastic that doesn’t corrode, even when exposed to the chemical processes that come with stored grease.

Some Big Dippers have been in operation for decades

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