Tank Level Monitoring

Is monitoring liquid levels within storage tanks a challenge for your home or business?

No more worrying about monitoring liquid levels

Perhaps you are trying to keep an eye on the amount of oil left in your family home or that of multiple sites under your remit.

Many organisations will know only too well the expenses involved in planning transport logistics in an attempt to efficiently manage tank levels.

My SmartSenor helps you keep track of:











Tank Level Monitoring

Tank level monitoring allows you to monitor liquid levels in your tanks, ensuring that your tank never gets too full or empty, depending on your requirement.  

You may manage a kitchen that produces a large volume of fat, oil and grease. In this case, your job is to make sure that your container does not fill up and leak into pipes, causing huge problems with blockages for your business and becoming hazardous to the environment. Perhaps you need to ensure that fuel levels never run out.

Used in conjunction with our OKO Pressure Sensor or GSM 2G Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor. My SmartSensor is a telemetry system NuPlanet provide which monitors liquid levels in storage tanks. So whether you have one or many tanks, My-SmartSensor enables you to remotely monitor liquid levels within your network of tanks from anywhere at any time, all from a neat dashboard.


Traditional methods for monitoring liquids involve manual processes and in some cases that means long travel distances. With My-SmartSensor you have a pleasant user-interface dashboard that allows you to monitor tank levels from any web-enabled device, including mobile.

So whether you are on the road or in the office, use My-SmartSensor to keep up-to-date on all tanks within your network. The web dashboard is clear, easy to use and can access all of the data you need including alerts. You can also view the different sites your tanks are on, their capacity and amount remaining, among others as seen below.

When tanks reach a high or low-level point, a trigger is activated which notifies you so that you can arrange for it to be emptied or refilled as required.

Advantages of Smartly Monitoring Your Liquid Levels

Level Management

  • Level visibility
  • Prevent runouts
  • Stock management

Minimise Risk

  • Be notified when the risk occurs
  • Avoid overflow and blockages
  • Avoid insurance claims and increased premiums
  • Consumer and employee safety

Compliance and Performance

  • Logistics planning
  • Carbon and energy reporting
  • Consumption reporting

Smart Grease Management

By using My-SmartSensor in conjunction with your grease management system you are able to check its performance at any time, no matter where you are.

Advantages of Smart Grease Management

  • Arrange collection when needed, not when half full or when an overflow occurs
  • Automatic alerts when an issue arises
  • Efficiency in maintenance scheduling
  • Eliminate the need to visit individual sites to inspect
  • Reduce pollution of unnecessary transport
  • Save money on unnecessary truck pick-ups and services

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