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In Ireland, it is a legal requirement to install a grease management system in your place of business.

NuPlanet offers a range of grease management systems tailored to your budget and ensuring you remain compliant. Whether you are a small café owner or a much larger corporate entity, we have a solution that will work for you.

The first consideration when acquiring a grease management system is to determine the flow rate required. Please call, email or fill out the contact form below if you are unsure about this and we can advise.

Big Dipper Range

The Big Dipper range is made up of quality Grease Removal Units of different sizes depending on your requirements.

Their self-cleaning cycle captures and removes 99.5% of fat, oil and grease (FOGs) automatically. This high efficiency of grease management ensures that there is no requirement for chemicals to clean the Big Dipper. Furthermore, advanced odour protection ensures a pleasant working environment for those in your kitchen.


Traditional interceptors are usually pumped out after only 25% of their volume is full, or they begin to fail, polluting the drainage infrastructure. This equates to 25% FOGs and a massive 75% wastewater.

Trapzilla Grease Interceptors hold approximately 94% grease and 6% waste water giving it a greater capacity in a smaller footprint. The super-capacity Trapzilla grease management system hold up to 425% more FOGs than traditional solutions.

This large and efficient gathering of FOGs makes it easier to harvest and can then be used for biofuel (learn more below). Their compact size means they can be installed almost anywhere, unlike less efficient solutions. Their durable makeup mean they are corrosion-resistant, giving them a long life. All Trapzilla Grease Interceptors come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Introducing Smart Bio

Through the super efficiency of the Trapzilla grease management system, NuPlanet offer Smart Bio, a system which will revolutionise the way grease is captured from large kitchens. It is our top line level sensor, super-capacity grease management system which is ideal for commercial kitchens. By combining NuPlanets’ Level Sensor with Thermaco’s super-capacity grease management system you no longer have to worry about your tank levels. It is done automatically, giving you more peace of mind. The increased ratio of FOGs vs wastewater means it is much easier for grease management companies to harvest grease than it was before. Previously the wastewater ratio was so high that it just made for a very inefficient process which was not financially viable for grease management companies.

This new development with the Trapzilla grease management system range means efficiency is much higher. Grease management companies who pump out the FOGs waste can do so with a view to turning it into biofuel and not sending to landfill. This not only means a greener more environmentally focused process but will also save you money by offsetting the grease you can now sell back against the pump out cost of your grease management system.

SmartBio from NuPlanet has already been installed by leading corporations in Ireland such as Bunzl and McDonald’s with more coming down the line. International interest in this grease management system is in place also. NuPlanet are currently working with the Drainage & Irrigation Department in Dubai in relation to their plan for grease management.

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