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Over 10% of the world’s electricity is used for ventilation.

As a result, there is a big move to “ecology” Units. these Ecology Units are more energy efficient.

NuPlanet Sustainable Solutions presents our Ecokitchen, our innovative kitchen ventilation system. Drastically improve your kitchen air quality, decrease your service charges, minimise installation costs and generate up to 30% energy savings.


30% more energy efficient


Washable Filtration System


Minimal Duct Work (extract out at head height)


Extreme Filtration (anti-virus 0.5 micron)


No anti-social smells


Reduced Fire risk - No grease in ductwork

30% More Energy Efficient

The wellbeing of kitchen staff and customers is a fundamental consideration for any kitchen manager. Therefore a good kitchen ventilation system is of mandatory importance and improvements to the quality of people’s lives in the kitchen and greater wellbeing among customers and neighbours. You are guaranteed energy savings too as consumption is 30% lower than standard mechanical systems.

Capturing grease and other pollutants ensure ductwork is clean. Owners can rest easy then knowing that their fire risk in the kitchen is greatly reduced as a result. The filtration system parts are completely removable and washable which will not only save you money but make you a more sustainable company also.

By cleaning filters you are diverting them away from landfill and maximising their lifecycle.

Current kitchen ventilation is very energy cost-prohibitive

Over 10% of the world’s electricity is used for ventilation – As a result, there is a big move to ‘Ecology’ Units.  These Ecology Units are more energy efficient.

The Expansion Electronic Range- of which Eco Kitchen is a part of incorporates technology known as ‘Electrostatic filters’. 

Fire risk – Stress/worry for operations managers

There is a regime clients must follow in order to be compliant. Ducting running from kitchen extract must be cleaned every quarter.

With traditional systems, ducting will become laden with grease. Although the ductwork is cleaned quarterly it is often a worry for operations managers that the ductwork is fully cleaned and devoid of grease. As you can imagine viewing internal areas of the duct is not easy to do.

Smells/smoke/major issue with smells, pollution with neighbouring companies

Another major issue is that of smells and smoke and associated pollution associated with the output of the kitchen cooking process contaminating air that emits from ductwork.

The Eco Kitchen Range stops all smells by running through the carbon filter and all smoke output. Local authorities are very interested in this as it stops complaints coming from neighbouring homes and businesses.

Ease of Installation

The system is easily installed and negates the requirement for ‘fire duct rated duct lines’ as there is a drastic reduction in the fire risk (fire risk comes from laden grease in ductwork catching fire). This means a much less expensive installation.

The system can also be released to the exterior of a building at just above head height. Again decreasing cost of installation as you no longer have to take the ductwork up to roof level. This means a much more aesthetically pleasing installation as no uglyduct work runs up the side of the building.

No smells emit/no smoke- happy pollution-free neighbours and local air quality.

Clean and Recirculated

The air coming from the kitchen extract system is fully cleaned and purified.

This means that it is feasible to recirculate this air through the building heating system- again lowering energy costs for the client

Extreme Filtration

The system captures Micron 0.5. This is an extremely efficient filtration of air to the extent that it captures airborne virus causing particles.

This is particularly relevant given the covid culture we are now living through.

The Bigger Picture

This technology can also be applied to the Health Sector, Filtration of Air in Hospitals, Pharma etc is extremely important.

How does this Kitchen Ventilation System Work?

From left to right we have:

a) Metal Filter made with galvanized wire mesh and galvanized frame, filter class EN 779 G2,

b) Sponge filter of 30 PPI, able to filtrate large quantities of fat and oil. 

c) Electrostatic precipitator for oil and fat. FEL SYSTEM model, high-efficiency performance with 230V electrical supply.

d) Drops separator to hold the possible oil dripping.

e) Optional Ionisation filter ensures better sterilisation and reduction of odours. 

f) Optional ozonisation filter FX, with plates.

g) Optional Inox Steel Turbulator to increase air, ions and ozone combination.

h) Granular activated carbon filter with a galvanised metal frame sheet. Labyrinth disposition.

i) Electric fan with power control.

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