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Weatherproof Bund Alarms for Peace of Mind

Take the hassle out tank leak risk management. Our SFS Tank Bund Alarms will tell you in plenty of time about any tank leaks that may become a problem.


Battery Powered


Ideal for portable installations and unmanned sites


Peace of mind for tank monitoring

Bunded Tanks

To understand tank bund alarms, you first need to know about bunded tanks. Bunded tanks are double-skinned and can be thought of as a tank within a tank. They offer double the protection of traditional single-skinned tanks.

Bunded tanks are already mandatory for new tank sales across Europe and, to ensure safety of people and the local environment, it is compulsory that these tanks are fitted with bund alarms.

How SFS Tank Bund Alarm Works

  • The SFS Bund Alarm panel is generally placed onto the top of a tank or nearby area.
  • The SFS Bund Alarm panel is generally placed onto the top of a tank or nearby area.
  • A float switch is fed down into the tank bund.
  • If the tank’s inner layer leaks and begins to fill the outer bund, the float switch will tilt and set off the alarm.
  • In alarm state, a red light will flash and the alarm will sound.
  • This alarm is a ‘high pitched local alarm’ which is set at 108db, a car horn is approximately 110db for reference.
  • The alarm will continue for at least **72 hours** or until it is deactivated.

SFS Tank Bund Alarm Features

The SFS Tank Bund Alarm comes in in a weatherproof container and due to its simple operation, will last a minimum of **72 hours, one week** on full alarm mode or up to 2 years on standby. It also features a test button that will activate the alarm sound and check the battery.

This makes it ideal for sites, particularly those not always manned.

  • Alarm test and mute functions
  • Bund alarm in weatherproof IP65 enclosure
  • Red flashing LED
  • 108db alarm sounder
  • Single probe chrome wave 3m cable
  • 4 x mounting screws for ease of installation
  • SFS Tank Bund Alarm Sales Brochure
  • SFS Tank Bund Alarm Installation Instructions


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