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The Bio Digester range turns food waste into a nutrient-rich soil enhancer in a 24-hour period.


Minimum of 75% reduction in food waste mass


Drastic reduction in bin charges


Reduce emissions associated with bin trucks


Odourless processing of food waste


Clean, spacious, pest-free yards

The Problem?

Any business which produces animal or organic food waste will know that disposal options are limited and becoming increasingly expensive each year. The average bin consists of 40% organic waste, much of which is sent to landfill. This figure is even higher in restaurants and commercial food-producing companies.

All of this happening at a time where systems exist which recycle organic waste, turning it into a nutrient-rich soil enhancer, which greatly improves organic growth for other plants.

Most current food waste systems are wasteful and in turn lead to further problems such as:

  • Unpleasant bad odours which in turn attract pests
  • Increasing waste management costs
  • Increased methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change
  • Loss of valuable nutrients from our ecosystem
  • Business responsible for a bigger, more harmful carbon footprint

Diverting From Landfill & Recycling Food Waste

Keeping organic materials out of bins and away from landfills is hugely beneficial for the environment. When these materials decay in your bins and landfill, methane and carbon dioxide are released into the air, which is harmful to the environment and contribute to climate change.

Food Waste contains a range of essential nutrients, these are lost when sent to landfill. Our Bio Digesters process food waste, retaining these nutrients in soil enhancer. The soil enhancer is then used to replenish soil that has been excessively harvested. Replacing the carbon, ammonia and phosphorus that helps inspire strong growth.

Benefits To Your business

  • 80%-100% reduction in bin costs
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Production of a sustainable product (soil enhancer)
  • Increased available yard space
  • Enrichment of surrounding grounds/growing areas
  • Low consumption rates
  • Remotely managed through telemetry
  • No food waste going to landfill

The material generated helps release key nutrients into the soil which in turn provides nutrient to grazing animals and crops. Irish agricultural research and advisory agency Teagasc recently tested the resulting nutrients, which demonstrated a 400% increase in growth.

Soil Health Benefits

Did you know that 10% of the world’s soil produces 100% of the world’s food?

Unsustainable agricultural practices such as excess harvesting far exceed the rate of soil replacement production. Valuable nutrients such as phosphorus are not being replenished as a result.

The tillage of agricultural lands, a process where the soil is broken up into finer particles has been exacerbated in modern times due to mechanical agriculture machinery that enables deep ploughing and this greatly increases the rate of soil erosion.

Soil benefits include:

  • Increasing organic matter content
  • Increase the soil’s water retention ability, reducing the need for irrigation
  • Reduce soil erosion and nutrient runoff
  • Reducing the need to apply chemical fertilizers and pesticides

It is paramount that we maintain soils, keeping them healthy and productive in order to grow food for local and global populations. Bio Digesters produce a nutrient-rich soil enhancer which can be used to replenish much-needed phosphorus in soil.

How Bio Digesters Work

  1. Empty your organic waste into the Bio Digester reactor
  2. The food waste is continually treated and monitored and transformed into biomass fuel
  3. The fuel is used on its own or with additional co-fuelled wood within the integrated biomass boiler
  4. The resulting heat is supplied as air or water for your heating system or can be converted to chilling
  5. Using industry-leading technology, a Bio Digester system will continually process your food waste into a highly energy-efficient fuel typically within 24 hours

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