Super Capacity Grease Interceptor

The world’s most efficient grease interceptors

The Trapzilla Super Capacity Grease Trap collects free-floating Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) contained in kitchen drain water flows.

As most food service facility managers already know, FOG build-up inside a building’s grease containment system is a major cause of problems.


Convert Used Grease to Biofuel


Install anywhere


Maintains Efficiency


Reduced Blockage Risk


Save on Maintenance Costs


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Why Trapzilla?

The unique design of the Trapzilla provides advantages that a traditional, below ground grease trap doesn’t have. The Trapzilla offers patented flat separation curve technology.

Traditional grease interceptors frequently suffer separation efficiency losses when the grease layer exceeds 25% of the internal liquid depth volume. This is why these older grease interceptors have very large footprints – to provide an adequate operating service period before reaching 25% full.

The unique design of the Trapzilla maintains peak separation efficiency well past the 25% full threshold, allowing it to store large quantities of fats, oils and grease in a small footprint.

What is thermal inversion?

The Trapzilla also has a horizontal baffle that prevents thermal inversion. 

When warmer effluent enters the grease trap, the trapped cold water layer under the retained grease layer suddenly falls downward as rapidly rising hotter water rises to take the place of the cold water. As the cold water layer falls, it also pulls the underside of the overhead grease layer down along with it into the rapidly moving water low along the bottom of the separator.

Installation Options

The compact design of the Trapzilla allows for installation into most facilities. Options are available enabling a Trapzilla unit to be installed free-standing on the floor, suspended from the ceiling or in the ground outside the facility.

Capacity and Flow Rates

Trapzilla units are designed to treat high flows of kitchen drain water with large grease storage capacity within a small footprint unit.

These units are lightweight and compact, which means that they can be manoeuvred into position with minimum labour.

Save Money With NuPlanet SmartBio

This new development with the Trapzilla grease management system range means efficiency is much higher.

Grease management companies who pump out the FOGs waste can do so with a view to turning it into biofuel and not sending to landfill.

This not only means a greener more environmentally focused process but will also save you money by offsetting reusable grease against pump out cost of your grease management system. 

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