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Bio Digesters

Processes your food waste, reducing the mass by 80% while producing Infusion, our nutrient-rich soil enhancer.


Grease Management System

Avoid blocked pipes, divert your grease away from landfill and even into a renewable source.

Smart Bio

Turn used grease into a reusable energy source while saving on maintenance and pump out costs.

Tank Monitoring System

Monitor your Adblue, Diesel, Grease Interceptors, Mobile Bowsers and Water tanks remotely through our online portal.

Kitchen Ventilation Systems

A revolutionary system that captures particles as small as 0.5 micron and reducing energy consumption by up to 30%.

Sustainable Solutions, Healthier Environments

Passionate about the environment and how we live in it!

We are here to awaken the potential of a fully functional circular economy. Our products will support you in reducing your carbon footprint, energy and operational costs.

Bio Digesters

Is food waste an issue for your business? Bio Digesters drastically reduce food waste mass by at least 75%, a significant reduction in food waste management costs.

The Bio Digesters process food waste in a 24 hour period turning it into a nutrient-rich soil enhancer. Food waste is diverted from landfill as a result. The soil enhancer has intense implications for plant growth with recent research from Teagasc finding a 400% growth increase when used with plants.

Grease Management Systems

We provide Big Dipper and Trapzilla grease management systems designed for commercial kitchens looking to take control of grease management.

Flexible and compact in size, our grease management systems can be installed almost anywhere. CE Certified, they are compliant with local authorities in Ireland and the UK. Take away the worry of blocked pipes or grease leaking and save on labour, maintenance and pump out costs too. 

Tank Level Monitoring

Take control of your oil levels, ensuring that your tank never runs dry or overflows. Keeping you compliant with the local authority and offering peace of mind.

Automated tank level visuals will give you the power to control your stock, maximise tank management efficiency and minimise distribution costs. All this whilst taking away the labour and health and safety risk of manually dipping tanks.

Smart Bio

In conjunction with the Trapzilla super-capacity grease interceptor, turn used grease into a renewable source. By using this method, leading organisations are offsetting the cost of grease management pump outs.

Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Over 10% of the world’s electricity is used for ventilation. As a result, there is a big move to more energy-efficient ecology units. The Ecokitchen Exhaust Filtration Unit range from NuPlanet will reduce energy consumption by 30% on average.

The extreme filtration function captures airborne particles as small as 0.5 micron and is ideal for taking anti-virus measures.

CSR Through Sustainability

Taking actions that are in the interests of protecting the health and wellbeing of your organisation’s stakeholders and the natural environment is hugely beneficial to your business.

NuPlanet works closely with businesses on enhancing corporate social responsibility through sustainability.

Learn what benefits to expect when taking your business into a sustainable management approach.

NuPlanet, Your Sustainable Solutions Partner

Let us give your business peace of mind enabling you to become greener, build efficiency, improve customer relations and save money in the process.

Some of the key areas we address are:

  • Drastic reduction in food waste mass
  • Recycle food waste into a nutrient-rich soil enhancer
  • Highly efficient grease management
  • Cut pump out costs, re-use grease
  • Smart tank level monitoring through our online portal