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Trapzilla, the Fat, Oil and Grease Trap With a Difference

The Trapzilla Super Capacity Grease Trap collects free-floating Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) contained in kitchen drain water flows.

Thermaco Trapzilla Model No. TZ-160-ECA

The TZ-600 Trapzilla Grease Interceptor is ASME rated for 75 GPM (4.73 l/s) and holds more than 635 pounds (86 Gallons) of grease in a 95 Gallon footprint. This means that unlike traditional interceptor designs, the TZ-600 is capable of holding more than 91% of its internal volume in grease and solids before it begins to lose efficiency.

Perfect for replacing failing steel or concrete, the TZ-600 is manufactured out of durable polyethylene, meaning that it will outlast traditional interceptors made of inferior materials.

The basic models come with a Standard Adapter Ring lid and 22″ Solid Top Cover that can be removed easily to clean out retained grease.


ASME A112.14.3 (Tested) Flow Rate: 75 GPM (4.73 l/s)

Grease Retention Capacity: 635 Pounds (288 Kg)

Material: Rotationally Molded Polyethylene

Product Weight: 84 Pounds (39 Kg)

Thermaco Trapzilla Model No. TZ-600, rotationally molded polyethylene grease interceptor(s) for above or below ground installation, shall be rated at 75 GPM (4.73 l/s) with 86.6 gal. (327.8 l) / 635.6 lbs. (288.3 Kg) of total grease storage capacity with flat separation efficiency curve capable of holding 91% of volume in free-floating fats, oils, and grease at capacity, with removable cover for grease and solids removal access, integral anti-flotation anchor ring for in-ground installation, integral horizontal baffle, laminar inlet flow diverter, integral vessel vent, separate storage compartments for grease and heavier than water solids, a unitary tank body and 6” (152 mm) inlet/outlet structures without gasket interfaces, utilizing an interior radial compression ring conjoining invert to tank outlet/inlet structures without bulkhead fittings and/or gaskets, invert top and bottom secured attachment points, sloping conical bottom for solids retention, integral sewer gas trap, and a fully removable polyethylene self-positioning cover with sealed thread fasteners.

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