Sustainability is a comprehensive approach used by the management of today’s organisations that is focused on creating and maximising long-term economic, environmental and social value. At NuPlanet Sustainable Solutions, we strive to support both private and public entities interested in transforming themselves from an economically-orientated entity to an organisation consciously seeking to build its value and reputation through the management of economic, environmental and social impact.

Sustainable development can be broken into four main categories.


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Being sustainable is being responsible for the impact your organisation has on its surroundings in business, environmental and social terms. Conscious organisational management of impact amounts to lower costs, positive external relations and better-managed risks.


Sustainability positions an organisation as a skilled entity in economic reality. Such organisations take into account the economic and social challenges as well as environmental opportunities and threats. The awareness of modern businesses functioning in a broader framework of complex relations with many stakeholders empowers it to be ready and use the opportunities presented by sustainability.


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Sustainability in itself is an awareness that each entity has many and a growing number of stakeholders. Building and cultivating positive relations with stakeholders through engagement and dialogue is crucial. Not only does this give rise to opportunities for better risk management, but it also supports development, giving the organisation a competitive advantage as a result.


Sustainability is the transformation and development of an organisation. This transformation gives way to long-term value-based innovation. Business transforming into a sustainable management approach will benefit from:

  • An effective economic, environmental and social risk management system
  • Building loyalty with customers through dialogue and engagement
  • Business stability from good relations with key stakeholders
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Identifying areas that create long-term value

Sustainability is about responding to challenges faced in modern business. It is about transforming harmful elements, potential threats and risks into development opportunities for businesses to utilise.

NuPlanet and Corporate Social Responsibility Services

Our team consists of experts specialising in projects that bring companies to the forefront of sustainability. Our product offering addresses some of the challenges business faces, as outlined below.

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Reusing Animal and Food Waste

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In partnership with Harp Renewables, NuPlanet offer a series of Bio Digesters that turn organic and animal waste into a nutrient-rich soil enhancer which can be sold or reused on your own land. The digesters reduce food waste mass by at least 80%, meaning a drastic reduction in bin costs and a cleaner, odourless and more spacious yard. Furthermore, you are diverting this reusable matter from landfill and back into your grounds or local community.

Other uses for these systems are the management of animal waste which can also be processed. The system offers a great alternative for capturing methane gas, a harmful gas when released with carbon dioxide, helping to prevent global warming in the process.

NuPlanet harp Bio Digester

While the average composter takes up to twelve weeks to process organic matter, making it difficult for urban businesses to use, the BioNova Digester does all of this in a 24-hour period.

Highly Efficient Fat, Oil and Grease Management Systems

As anyone who works in a commercial kitchen or food preparation service will know, the challenges presented by inefficient grease management systems can be a real headache for managers in the sector. We offer the best grease management systems on the market. Fat, oil and grease when poorly managed can cause blocked pipes and grease then leaks into the reservoir system which is a huge problem for the local environment and penalties are issued from the local authority as a result.

NuPlanet offers a Big Dipper and Trapzilla grease management systems that ensure grease is highly captured.

  • Automated process
  • Flexible and can be installed anywhere
  • Reduced blockage risk
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Turn used grease into BioFuel with Trapzilla

Tank Volume Management – Smart Monitoring – Reduced Pollution

Not only are traditional tank management methods onerous on managers but inefficient logistics for the emptying and filling of tanks also lead to added pollution on the environment, as well as unnecessary callout and service charges. NuPlanet offers Tank Level Monitoring solutions that will help you:

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  • Arrange collection when needed, not when half full or when an overflow occurs
  • Automatic alerts when an issue arises
  • Efficiency in maintenance scheduling
  • Eliminate the need to visit individual sites to inspect
  • Reduce pollution of unnecessary transport
  • Save money on unnecessary truck pick-ups and services




This new development with the Trapzilla grease management system range means efficiency is much higher. Grease management companies who pump out the fat, oil and grease waste can do so with a view to turning it into biofuel and not sending to landfill. This not only means a greener more environmentally focussed process but will also save you money by offsetting the reusable grease against the pump out cost of your grease management system.

Cleaner Air – Lower Energy – Reduced Costs

Over 10% of the world’s electricity is used for ventilation. As a result, there is a big move to ecology units. These units are more energy efficient. The Ecokitchen Exhaust Filtration Unit range of kitchen ventilation systems from NuPlanet will reduce energy consumption by 30% on average. With the extreme filtration function, they airborne particles with a 0.5-micron rate and are ideal for taking anti-virus measures.

What’s more, they eliminate bad odours, reduce fire risk and minimal ductwork is required for installation. Unlike alternative systems, each part of the Electrostatic filter can be washed individually, meaning a much longer life cycle too.